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TorNaDo - 2024 "Throw Down Edition"

TorNaDo - 2024 "Throw Down Edition"

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2024 Tornado "Throw Down Edition”

Spencer Makenzie's Cornhole Throw Down Tournament is THE WORLD'S LARGEST CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT AND FESTIVAL each year. We are beyond excited to introduce one of our newest series here with the Tornado as an option to use at the 2024 Throw Down event!! Get yours today.

2 options available: White with Teal carpet and Black with Red Carpet.

New to our 2024 lineup, Swag Bags is ready to twist up the cornhole world with our Tornado Series. 

When our KaBooM! Series was released in 2023, it was met with great reviews. Throwers of the KaBooM! absolutely loved the hyrbid carpet slow side and appreciated the control of the fast side. However, some KaBooM! fanatics were asking for a quicker fast side for those sticky conditions... so.... we are now introducing the TORNADO!

The slow side of our Tornado is a hyrbid carpet, also found on our KaBooM! and plays at a 5 speed. It is one of the most versatile hybrid carpets on the market, as you can slide hole-for-hole, block, cut, or roll with this material. The beauty of this hybrid carpet is that it stays consistent in just about every board condition, staying at a true 5 speed in just about any scenario.

For KaBooM! lovers wanting a faster slide side, the Tornado fast side plays at an 8 speed and is one of the most popular fast sides in the cornhole game. This is the same fast side you will find on our Shazam! and Emerald XR. Pairing this ideal fast side - which players can push, sneak around, or collect with - alongside our hybrid carpet makes for a bag that can do it all on the boards. This bag will power you through cornhole tournaments like a Tornado should, so get ready to cause some disaster for your opponents on the boards!


Shipping is a flat $13 for one set OR MORE domestically.

Shipping time will be approximately 2-3 business days. 

**These cornhole bags on this website are premium cornhole bags and to be used on premium boards. Because of the delicate fabrics used on these types of bags, they are prone to stretching and getting snags on boards that are not coated correctly. Some of the fabrics don't like heat, please do not boil or put in the dryer with heat.

*** Some of our designs will print colors slightly different then the pictures above. It will be very close, but please do not expect bags to look as clear and match every color in the proof pictures on this page. Thank you!

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Customer Reviews

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Silly Good

It’s a hybrid 5/8.5-9, but me it’s a perfect balance of what I like in a bag. Obviously that’s personal preference, and I’m someone who likes a slightly more full feeling bag, medium template, preferably mixed fill and a liner. The Tornado just happens to be “that bag” for me. I’m not really into the graphics or branding but that stuff would only matter to me as a tie breaker, and nothing else out there right now fits this mold better.