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Maniac - 2024 "420 Cotton Candy"

Maniac - 2024 "420 Cotton Candy"

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2024 Maniac "420 Cotton Candy”

Back with a Swag Bags Original Series, we are calling all of our Cornhole Maniacs to the boards!

Fans have been waiting for a herringbone option in the Swag lineup for years, and it's finally here. Our Maniac Series brings a traditional herringbone slow side to the boards, with a fast side brand new to our lineup.

The slow side rates as a 5 on the speed scale. This material allows for creativity and shot shaping - whether it's cuts, rolls, blocks or slides you can do it all with this herringbone.

Our new fast side packs a punch with an 8.5 speed and plays excellent in just about any condition, such as sticky or humid boards. This material excels at sneak around shots and bully bags, and is the perfect compliment to the slow side.

Wanna be a Maniac on the boards? Then grab a set and #ThrowWithSwag

-A Swag Bags Cornhole Original Series-

 ****DISCLAIMER:  If you choose to break in this herringbone fabric any other way than using Toss Sauce or just throwing them then that will void our 90 days warranty on all seams. 

***This is a very delicate bag and fabric combination. Please do not throw on rough surfaces or on any unfinished boards.

**The herringbone fabric does have a very thin lining backing to it that we have applied to make it more durable and play at it's highest potential.

*We extremely discourage "spinning” this bag on your finger on the herringbone side as it can put too much pressure on one spot which could cause immense wear and tear which eventually can rip or break down the fabric in that spot ruining the bag. Bags will not be exchanged or refunded if you wear a hole in them or tear the herringbone fabric. We suggest if you like to spin the bag to spin it on the fast material side :)


Shipping is a flat $13 for one set OR MORE domestically.

Shipping time will be approximately 2-3 business days. 

**These cornhole bags on this website are premium cornhole bags and to be used on premium boards. Because of the delicate fabrics used on these types of bags, they are prone to stretching and getting snags on boards that are not coated correctly. Some of the fabrics don't like heat, please do not boil or put in the dryer with heat.

*** Some of our designs will print colors slightly different then the pictures above. It will be very close, but please do not expect bags to look as clear and match every color in the proof pictures on this page. Thank you!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Time L. Isidro Lopez
They land pretty soft on board like light fluffy cotton candy! Fast side is fast as a lightning s...

Collectable quick but great for blocks.

Matt Therrien
Great bags 💯

Awesome bags play great break in quick 🙌🏼💯