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Delirium - 2024 "Magic Bunny"

Delirium - 2024 "Magic Bunny"

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2024 Delirium "Magic Bunny”


New to our 2024 lineup, the Delirium series is sure to be a hit, so reserve a spot in your lineup for this bag! The Delirium will cause your opponent ultimate confusion and disorientation after they see the shots you hit with it. If you liked our previous "Fantasy" series, you will find the Delirium to be an incredible upgrade!

On the slow side, the Delirium rates as a 4 speed. This material can play up to a 5/6 speed in fast conditions, and slow as a 2/3 in very humid scenarios. The "linen" feel of the slow side is comfortable in the hand and extremely hole friendly for a 4 speed bag. Use this side to slide, place blocks, and roll/cut. 

On the fast side, the Delirium features the popular material found on our Chaos and Ruby series. This is a 9 speed material, and meshes very well with the slow side to create impeccable hand feel and nice flop. Use the fast side for push shots and sneak arounds, and your opponents will be delirious!


Shipping is a flat $13 for one set OR MORE domestically.

Shipping time will be approximately 2-3 business days. 

**These cornhole bags on this website are premium cornhole bags and to be used on premium boards. Because of the delicate fabrics used on these types of bags, they are prone to stretching and getting snags on boards that are not coated correctly. Some of the fabrics don't like heat, please do not boil or put in the dryer with heat.

*** Some of our designs will print colors slightly different than the pictures above. It will be very close, but please do not expect bags to look as clear and match every color in the proof pictures on this page. Thank you!

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Customer Reviews

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Anthony Asaro

These bags have it all. Once I had them broken in. I was able to hit some good cuts and even was hole friendly enough for some sleek airmails. I think I found my new favorite bag because if you get any part of it near the home it is going in...


Amazing bag and great customer service