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CHAOS - "Yellow Burst" Edition

CHAOS - "Yellow Burst" Edition

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"Yellow Burst" Edition

Who is ready to cause some Chaos on the boards?

Our Chaos series is engineered to fit nearly any throwing style. The hybrid carpet on the slow side plays at a 4.5/5 speed. This carpet slides true with little kick, yet the medium fill in the bag allows it to still roll and cut. The slow side has enough speed for normal slide shots, and can still be used to collect and push bags by harder throwers.

When more speed is needed, the Chaos fast side utilizes the same material found on our popular Ruby series. Rating at a 9 speed, this is one of the most hole-friendly materials in the game. Pairing this with the hybrid carpet creates a bag that can just about do it all on the boards. Players can block, replace, and push with confidence – this recipe is sure to cause Chaos for opponents!



Our goal is to ship bags within 24-48 hours. Some bags may ship in 3-5 business days.

**Our cornhole bags on this website are premium cornhole bags and to be used on premium boards. Because of the delicate fabrics used on these types of bags, they are prone to snags on boards that are not coated correctly. Some of the fabrics don't like heat, please do not boil or put in the dryer with heat.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ryan Romandia

I wish they didn't have a liner in them. I feel they throw off the feel in your hand. And also take forever to break in. I was hoping for a small R which chaos is but the liner changes the bag completely.

John Nguyen
Swag Bags CHAOS

Very friendly and responsive customer service. Heard great things about this bag. Threw them around a bit and they feel great in the hand. Ordered a set of the Ruby too!

Nothing compares

Way to much to write but in short be it Bg , Ultra , all the overpriced bags that are not any or much different than other bags Swag Bags takes them to a whole other level all the bags but these even before broken in out do them all and once broken in beautiful feeling bag and just great control sloppy floppy bags anyone can throw those but not so floppy or bags require some skill well thats whole other thing and these no matter and the Kabooms just blow all others away I have tried them all other bags that is these are on point...